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Reign of the Vampire


Reign of the Vampire follows Dante Bristol, a famed silver smith turned vampire from the 18th century. His wife was murdered and son abducted by an evil vampire named Lucian who extracted his revenge on Dante after he aided in the slaughter of his clan known as the blood dwellers. 

Now, centuries later in present day America, Dante continues slaying vampires on his journey to find his son and kill Lucian once and for all. Along the way Dante saves the life of Jupiter, an eccentric woman obsessed with vampires and nags Dante to turn her into one. 

Refusing to turn her, a deal between the two is made and Dante takes her under his wing, training her to fight along side him. Together they set out to slay vampires, destroy Lucian and get back Dante's son in a film that you don't want to miss sinking your fangs into! Reign of the Vampire, coming soon from Heart and Fire Productions. 


This isn't your sister's Twilight!



Cast & Crew

Dante Bristol- Matt Roszak

Jupiter- Natalie Waldrip

Lucian- Kevon Ward

Dusk- Marianne Page

Vicki the Dominatrix- Erica Jo Young

Writer, director, producer- Jimmy Lee Combs

Director of Photography, editor- Jimmy Lee Combs

SFX Make Up Artists- Stefan Knowles, Kevon Ward

Glide Cam Operator, stunt coordinator- Noah Mittman


Teaser Trailer 1

Teaser Trailer 3

Teaser Trailer 2- Meet Dante

Production Stills

Behind the Scenes Stills


Reign of the Vampire has just received its first article on HorrorBug. This is very exciting and I thank HorrorBug for the awesome write up! http://horrorbug.com/movies/reign-of-the-vampire-2013/