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Feature Film Info

Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans

This has been Hans approved!

90 mins

Cast & Crew
Hans Crippleton- Kevon Ward

Barnaby Hunt- Andy Hankins

Cousin Bumpkin- Heath Heine

One-Legged Sis- Katie Bevard

Mamma Crippleton- Irene Leonard

The Doctor- Ryan Manley-Rohrer

Camera Man Stan- Brad Wagner

Director, editor- Jimmy Lee Combs

Director of Photography- Jimmy Lee Combs

Producer, writer- Kevon Ward

SFX Make Up Artists- Kevon Ward, Stefan Knowles

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Short Synopsis

A disturbing mystery lurks on an old backwoods farm brought to new light when a traveling camera team arrives... seeking the one and only Hans Crippleton.

Long Synopsis

Every once in a while a zombie film comes along that strays away from the mundane! In Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans, an upcoming horror comedy feature film from Heart and Fire Productions, we are introduced to a backwoods family plagued by a zombie curse. Enter Barnaby Hunt, host of Horror Hunts, a show dedicated to bringing you the story behind horror legends, supernatural occurrences and the macabre.

We find Barnaby on Sukkin Booz farm which is inhabited by Hans Crippleton and his inbred family members. Barnaby and his camera crew are swept into the backwoods ways of this disturbing family and along for the ride as they uncover the mystery behind the Crippleton family zombie curse. Hans Crippleton (the leader of the pack) is the star of the show and lets just say he gets into a lot mischief with his little hand and proud hump. 

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Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans- Sneak Peak Trailer

Sukkin Booz Commercial

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Behind the Scenes Part 2: Lifecasting an Actor