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"Guilt" Premiere Party a Roaring Success!

Tuesday February 23rd, 2013

The premiere party was a roaring success!!! Over 130 local filmmakers, actors and industry professionals in attendance. A huge thanks to all the filmmakers who submitted there films to be screened, it was my honor to showcase their work. Also a big thanks to Robert Maxfield who was our guest celebrity at the party. Robert has done sound work on Hollywood movies including: Twister, Mission Impossible III, Rush Hour 3 and more recently The Walking Dead TV series. So glad to see those who stayed after the premiere to party and get their dance on! Truly an unforgettable night celebrating local filmmaking.

"Guilt" Movie Premiere Party

Saturday January 26th, 2013

Join local filmmaker Jimmy Lee Combs who will be hosting several short films all leading up to the premiere of his latest film "Guilt". Meet fellow filmmakers & actors, the cast & crew of Guilt as well as a Q & A following the film. There will be a cash bar for those who would like to drink. Snacks and soda will be free. To join, check out our facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/198011027010936/

This is going to be an extremely fun night! So come on out, have some drinks and support local filmmaking. More details and surprises will be revealed soon. Thanks and hope to see you there! Click here for a list of films being shown.

Note: For those who would like to stay and hang out at the Proof after the premiere party, please come dressed up since they have a dress code.

"Guilt" Update

Monday January 21st, 2013

So editing on "Guilt" is completed. Now just hanging tight as the score to the film is in the final stages of being completed. At this point "Guilt" should be ready for viewing in about a week. 

Official Poster for "Guilt"

Saturday January 19th, 2013

Here is the official movie poster I created for Guilt.

Teaser Posters Created by Star of "Guilt"

Saturday January 19th, 2013

Here are some more posters that the lead of Guilt, Jeffrey Lee Robinson, was kind enough to whip up.

Teaser Posters for "Guilt"

Thursday January 17th, 2013

Here are a couple teaser posters I put together for my upcoming film "Guilt". More posters to follow!

Composer Hired for "Guilt"

Tuesday January 8th, 2013

Since the film is going to be silent with occasional sound effects, think of the music as the dialogue. With that important note in mind, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Paul Penney will be composing the music to "Guilt". Paul has a wide variety of genres that he scores and his emotional work is extremely good! You can view Paul's work at http://paulpenney.ca/?page_id=15

It's a Wrap on "Guilt"

Sunday January 6th, 2013

Wahoo! Filming has wrapped on my latest film "Guilt". Today was the most challenging scene of the film but everybody did a fantastic job pulling it off =) Also, I must say it was quite fun riding on the hood of my car to get some shots! Thanks again to Jeffrey Lee Robinson, Irene Leonard, Natalie Salazar Waldrip, Seymour Muchmore and Z for their talent and hard work!

Still From "Guilt"

Tuesday January 1st, 2013

Here is a still from my upcoming short film "Guilt". Jeffrey Lee Robinson's character at the grocery store buying some Spam.

Day 1 of Filming "Guilt"

Sunday December 30th, 2012

Incredibly productive day of shooting. One scene left to film and "Guilt" will be a wrap. I want to thank Jeffrey Lee Robinson, Irene Leonard and Seymour Muchmore for their outstanding performances today. I threw a lot of heavy emotional work their way and they nailed it! Jeffrey is a trouper, he experienced numb hands from the 5 degree weather at 6:30am this morning. Got slapped hard in the face several times, ate some Spam, had a few sips of booze and of course some exhausting emotional work. Did I miss anything Jeffrey? lol.

I love working with actors and their devotion to the art =) You will see all the hard work pay off in the finished film! Thanks again to everyone on set today. I look forward to filming with Natalie Salazar Waldrip and Z this weekend for our most complex scene of the film.

Beautiful Scar EFP Q & A

Thursday December 20th, 2012

My Dad was awesome enough to record the Q & A I gave during the screening of my film Beautiful Scar at The Emerging Filmmakers Project.

Jimmy Lee Combs EFP Interview

Wednesday December 19th, 2012

Hey everyone, check it out, The Emerging Filmmakers Project hosted by Patrick Sheridan interviewed me for my latest film Beautiful Scar being shown this Thursday night at the EFP. You can read the interview here.

Beautiful Scar EFP Screening

Wednesday December 19th, 2012

I'm very excited to be show casing Beautiful Scar at The Emerging Filmmaker's Project this month. The screening is being held tomorrow night at 8:00pm at The Bug Theater. The EFP held the third Thursday of every month is hosted by Patrick Sheridan and showcases local films from Colorado filmmakers. It is also a wonderful place to network with fellow filmmakers and actors. If you are in the Denver area and want to stop by the Bug Theater tomorrow night for some great indie films, tickets are only 5 bucks!

Hannah Test Footage

Tuesday December 4th, 2012

Production for The Candy Corn Killer is still on hold. I have been in search for a replacement camera guy. The good news is that I recently bought a Canon 5D Mark II so I can always recast my Detective character so I can get behind the camera and get this film made =) In the mean time, I'm dedicating a lot of my time to getting familiar with the camera so The Candy Corn Killer and all my future films can look the best they can be. 
In the mean time, I'm writing a 7 min short film and have Natalie Waldrip from our Candy Corn Killer cast on board. Her and I did some test footage and a photo shoot. Her character named Hannah can be seen below.

Here is some test footage from the upcoming 7 Min short film I plan to shoot. You'll notice the footage is pretty dark, this was due to a harsh lighting error on my end. As I explore the best way to clearly show the make up to Hannah's alter, the lighting issue will be fixed come the final the film. A thanks to Natalie for adding the cool spot light effect!

"Hannah is a troubled woman diagnosed with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) after suffering from a trauma as a child. It's not until her adult hood that she suddenly develops her alter due to her MPD. Her alter torments her trying to convince Hannah that she killed her father."

These personalities are emphasized through three segments sprinkled through out the short film as seen in the test video above. Hannah is being played by the extremely talented Natalie Salazar Waldrip.

"The Candy Corn Killer" Teaser Trailer- A Killer is Born

Saturday October 20th, 2012

Quick update! I have been going through the footage from day 1 of shooting and there is a lot of great footage. I'm excited to share with everyone a teaser trailer I put together for the film introducing Young Clancy. The trailer is titled "A Killer is Born".  Shooting will continue in November for the film. Enjoy the trailer everyone!


Shooting this Saturday

Monday October 8th, 2012

As always I like to welcome a new member of our team. Mitch Kerzic and his mother Nikki Kerzic. Mitch will be playing Young Clancy. Mitch is currently filming another horror movie called The House That Wept Blood. Welcome aboard =)

Also, we will be filming our first scenes this Saturday involving Young Clancy and Abigail. I'm very excited to be working with Mitch and Irene for these scenes, I think there chemistry is going to be really great! Stay tuned for pics from the set.

The Candy Corn Killer Delayed

Thursday October 4th, 2012

Some unfortunate news. The production for The Candy Corn Killer is being delayed until November. A couple actors needed for some scenes dropped out last min which left me nothing to shoot today. Also our lighting person bailed last min too. Not cool! And now with the weather changing, today's set back will cause continuity issues with the other shoot dates. 
Anyway, I'm going to be reassessing the shoot with Jim. I do apologize for this hiccup in production but we have to look at the positive.... more time to prepare for the shoot including rehearsals. A lot has already been set in motion so when we pick up and film again we will be that much more ready. Currently we are looking at November shoot for the film. Thanks!

Jimmy Lee Combs

Candy Corn Killer Cast & Crew

Monday October 1st, 2012

Here is the list of my insanely talented cast & crew so far whom I'm very privileged and excited to be working with.


James Russell- The Candy Corn Killer/Older Clancy Harrington
Irene Leonard- Abigail Harrington
Mitch Kerzic- Young Clancy
Jimmy Lee Combs- Detective John Reese
Jackson Carter Combs- Braiden Reese
Robyn Dennis- Sarah Reese
Seymour Muchmore- Captain Elliot Goldstein
Laura Baukol- Madelyn Brown
Natalia Romo- Kyra Jones
Natalie Waldrip- Victim 1
Z- Victim 2


Writer, director, producer- Jimmy Lee Combs
Director of Photography- Jim Harper
Boom Operator- Tim Cadillac. Phil Mirabito.
SFX Artist- Stefan Knowles
Script Supervisor, Production Assistant- Olga Naroditskaya

Candy Corn Killer Teeth

Monday September 24th, 2012

Here are some mock up teeth the The Candy Corn Killer will be wearing in the movie. Fantastic job Stefan, thanks man!

Script Update

Thursday September 20th, 2012

So the script is near completion and will clock in around 20 pages... yes I had a little too much fun with the story and characters hehe ;) I need to do some proof reading and such so I will have the script sent to everyone by Saturday night. It has taken a little longer than I anticipated with the script but the words just keep coming lol and the story will be a lot more solid having some extra pages.
Jim and I are meeting up Friday to go over visuals and shots for the film.

SFX Concept Art

Tuesday September 18th, 2012

I'm excited out of my mind for the SFX work Stefan Knowles is providing for The Candy Corn Killer. Below is concept art for the Candy Corn Killer's teeth and the other is a picture of a sculpted heart that will be used (when the movie is finished you will see how the heart comes into play) ;) Dynamite job Stefan, thank you again!
So as I'm writing the script I'm finding it may be necessary to make it longer than 10 mins/10 pages to give the story and characters justice, so I will be extending the script to 15 pages for a 15 to 20 min short film =) That being said I need a couple extra days to finish up the script, currently it is halfway finished. I think you're all going to really like this script and I can't wait to hear your reactions from those read it.

The Candy Corn Killer is Born

Wednesday September 12th, 2012

Just in time for Halloween, production will begin on October 4th for my next film called The Candy Corn Killer. I'm excited and privileged to be working with a majority of my cast & crew from the 48 Hour Film Project on my first horror film. Here is the synopsis and teaser poster below:

When Clancy Harrington was a kid he always loved when Halloween came around, however, his strict religious mother who does not believe in Halloween forbid him from taking any part in Hallows’ Eve festivities especially eating Halloween candy. One Halloween, he was caught by his mother eating his favorite treat, Candy Corn. As a punishment, she force fed him Candy Corn on a regular basis causing him to become a diabetic. Over the years he developed a psychological obsession for Candy Corn as a result of his mother continuing to force feed him. Finally he snapped! One Halloween he yanked out his teeth replacing them with Candy Corn, tied his mother to her bed and force fed her Candy Corn until she died. For 10 years there has been no sign of Clancy Harrington.

10 years later….

John Reese used to be a Detective for the Craven Police Department but quite when he failed to save the life of a woman held hostage and murdered by a serial killer. His stellar track record with CPD landed him a job as a Headhunter, recruiting the finest candidates with the best potential to be a cop.  When a string of random murders begin happening in the town of Craven, all involving death by Candy Corn, the CPD wants to reinstate John as Detective to apprehend who they are calling The Candy Corn Killer. John’s wife, Sarah, does not want John returning to the police force because she does not want to see him go through what he did before and stresses the fact that he is now a father.

Going against his wife, John accepts knowing that if he can put a stop to these murders, then he may be able to make peace with him-self over what happened in the past to that woman he couldn’t save. He begins pursing the Candy Corn Killer with the assistance of his psych therapist, Madelyn. Things get personal when the Candy Corn Killer murders John’s wife and kidnaps his son. Now Detective John Reese will stop at nothing to find his son and avenge the death of his wife by putting an end to the Candy Corn Killer.

Beautiful Scar

Saturday August 18th, 2012

Heart and Fire Productions in association with JHP Films entered it's first year in the 48 Hour Film Project http://www.48hourfilm.com/ and what an amazing experience it was. We drew the romance genre which I was personally excited for since I'm a huge fan of romance movies and books with of course a big inspiration of mine being Nicholas Sparks. Our film premiered at the Gothic Theater on August 12, 2012.

Genre: Romance
Prop: Straw
Line of Dialogue: Let's Keep it in the Group
Character: Rhoda Powers-Coach

Beautiful Scar tells the story of Theresa, a woman who always seems to pick the really bad guys. After walking in on her abusive boyfriend cheating on her and the guidance of her best friend and life coach, Theresa is persuaded to take a vacation to take her mind off things.

While waiting for her train, Theresa encounters Logan, a real estate agent with a deal gone sour. As fate would have it these two troubled souls have been brought together. Beautiful Scar is a timeless love story following the pain love can bring and also the joys.

From a scarred past to love everlasting.

I want to thank my extremely talented and devoted cast & crew for all their hard work during the 48 Hours.

Beautiful Scar Screening

Tuesday August 14th, 2012

I have spoke with some of our team about our screening Sunday night and I was so happy to hear from several of them that our film received the loudest applause! I'm confident our team will win an award of some sort but I want everyone on my team to know that above any award, I am so damn proud of the work everyone put into Beautiful Scar, by far my best experience working with a cast & crew. I'm deeply saddened I was unable to make the screening but everyone applauded so loud that I heard it in Vegas ;)
From the start of entering the 48 Hour Project I told myself that I wanted to give this film the best 7 mins of my life! With our team, we accomplished that goal! It feels awesome and I know everyone will look back on Beautiful Scar knowing they gave the best 7mins too!
From here Beautiful Scar will continue to be polished to best it can be and will be ready when Jim (our Cinematographer and Editor) gives the okay on the editing side. That being said, I will no longer be distributing the film until it is the best it can be. Once Beautiful Scar is the best it can be, I will post the film on Youtube and all the social networks. Also, mark your calendars now, Septembers 7th will be the After Party. I'm planning it now and really want it to be a huge turn out from the Colorado film community. More details to follow.
In addition, I will be touring Colorado with the film at local festivals and screenings, I will of course keep in touch with everyone and those who want to join me at these upcoming festivals/screenings are more than welcome and encouraged too. Beautiful Scar will also be entered into bigger festivals across the United States and I'm gonna contact women's shelters for abused women to show the film if they are interested. Last but not least IMDB credits, we should meet all requirements for all cast & crew involved to receive an IMDB credit =D

It's a Wrap!!!

Sunday August 5th, 2012

I never got around to officially saying it but after 48 Hours running on only 3 hours of sleep, it is officially a WRAP for team Heart and Fire Productions on our film "Beautiful Scar" for the 48 Hour Film Festival. The film was officially submitted with time to spare at 6:59pm on August 5th, 2012 which means "Yo team, we did it!" Thanks team, it couldn't have been done without your passion and devotion for the project. Stay tuned for tons of behind the scenes pictures, a 48 second trailer, stories from the shoot and more.

Group Photo

Monday July 30, 2012

Owen's photographer, Laura Rangel, took pictures at the team meet & greet. Here is a group photo from our incredibly fun team meet & greet.

The two gentlemen standing in the back are: Mark Stratford and Jim Harper
From left to right: Owen Hisle, Seymour Muchmore, Scott Foshag, Ashley Grae, Christopher Henry, Mary Cates, Irene Leonard, Jimmy Lee Combs.
I will of course be getting a complete team photo of all of us during the shoot ;) Thanks team!

Rest in Peace Uncle Bobby

Saturday July 28, 2012

Loosing my Uncle Bobby to cancer has left me deeply saddened and a piece of me has broken away. Mending that broken piece will always be a special place holding the memories I have of my Uncle. In my heart I have an eternal candle always lit for my Uncle Bobby, it has has been placed right by my Grandpa's candle.

They're millions of horrible people living and breathing, animals like James Holmes, why good honorable people like my Uncle Bobby have to pass away instead will always baffle me until the day I die.

You were taken from us much to soon but you're in a better place now. Your memory will live on and your spirit will always be with us. I love you Uncle Bobby, see you on the other side.

Dedication to Victims & Families

Sunday July 22, 2012

Our own Owen Hisle and his fiance Thesa were kind enough to put together this mural that is signed by those on our 48 Hour team. This mural will be updated as more of our cast & crew sign it. Thanks everyone who has signed so far and for honoring the victims and families of the movie theater tragedy.

Movie Theater Tragedy

Friday July 20, 2012

By now everyone has heard about the horrible tragedy that took place at one of the midnight showings of the Dark Knight Rises here in Colorado at the Aurora Century 16 Theater. On behalf of myself and Heart and Fire Productions, I want to send out my deepest condolences to the victims and families who have lost their loved ones in this horrendous shooting. The Columbine shooting brought Colorado so much pain and sorrow, it breaks my heart to see it happen all over again with this movie theater massacre. With the severity of what has happened, I have faith the courts will punish James Holmes to the fullest extent of the law and bring justice to those have been affected by this tragic event. Stay strong everyone!

-Jimmy Lee Combs

48 Hour Film Project Update

Saturday July 14, 2012

I want to welcome aboard three new members of our team! First up D.J. Berry who is a very talented sound engineer and boom operator. He will be assisting Kevin with sound. Thanks for coming aboard D.J.

Also, two new actresses join our team! Julie DeLuna who I met with the other day has some martial arts experience which could come in handy depending on the genre. She is also a diverse actress. Ginny Hill I spoke with today and she is very excited to be apart of the project and open to a variety of rolls. She goes to the same acting school I went to years back. I'm excited to see what characters I come up with for our actors. Thanks for joining our team Julie and Ginny, this is going to be a blast!

So at this point I think casting is at a cap, I may bring on one more actor who I really liked during an audition. We have a very strong team in place and I couldn't be more excited to start filming! I have literally been loosing sleep every night thinking about the project, I can't wait to get started!  

48 Hour Film Project Update

Wednesday July 11, 2012
First I would like to welcome aboard two new members of our team. First up our Composer/musician, Jt! Jt blew me away when I heard samples of his work and I am very happy to have him create a score for our film. He is incredibly talented and I highly recommend checking out his Soundcloud page to hear his amazing work: http://soundcloud.com/j-t-peterson 
Next up I would like to welcome James Russell who will be providing his acting talent to our team. I auditioned James today and he did really good, I think my team will enjoy working with him. This also means we have a Jim, a Jimmy and a James on our team lol. 
Locations have been secured and scouted! Kevin and I scouted locations yesterday including his building for some great places to film scenes high up on the 9th floor right in the heart of downtown! The scenery is gorgeous and I can't wait to see our talent acting at this location. We also headed over to Union Station were we have the whole inside to our self or at least the main lower level, some great shots mapped out, can't wait for Jim to work his magic. Nearby Union Station, Kevin and I found some really awesome spots outside to film as well. Also, while I was at Washington Park today, I found a couple great spots to film some scenes. There will be house scenes as well. We have a great variety for locations and I'm excited to bring the story alive with these locations & actors.

48 Hour Film Project Update

Monday July 9, 2012

I met with both my sound mixer, Kevin, and our director of photography, Jim Harper. During our meeting this evening we worked out how the audio will be set up and I can tell you all our movie is going to sound and look fantastic! Our DP, Jim, will be filming on a Canon 5D Mark II camera which takes astonishing video quality and will compliment the high end audio very nicely. Jim and I will also be collaborating on the editing once the film is finished shooting. Stay tuned for more updates!

48 Hour Film Project 2012 Page

Thursday July 5th, 2012

Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July. I wanted to let everyone know that I created a page dedicated to our 48 Hour Film Project. This page will feature updates to cast & crew in addition to videos, photos, etc. related to our 48 Hour Film Project. Check it out here: http://www.heartandfireproductions.webs.com/48hourfilmproject.htm

48 Hour Film Project Update

Tuesday July 3rd, 2012

Our team Heart and Productions is officially registered for the 48 Hour Project. For those on my team, spread the word and make it loud and proud that you are taking part in the 48 Hour Film Project. In fact, you can even post a badge to your facebook page or wherever you would like: http://www.48hourfilm.com/en/badges/

You can stay up to speed on everything happening during Denver's 48 Hour Film Project here: http://www.48hourfilm.com/en/denver/ In addition to the 48 Hour Film site, be sure to check back here frequently as I'll be making updates in regards to our team and the project. 

I want to welcome aboard our very talented sound designer Kevin Male. Kevin and I met a couple days back and had a really good discussion in regards to sound and the direction we want to take with audio for our film. Sound is huge to any production and so many filmmakers focus on the video while the audio takes a back seat, this should never happen. So I'm very honored to have a professional sound mixer on our team.

Currently my main focus is finding an experienced Director of Photography and securing locations for our shoot. At which point myself, Kevin and our DP will go to each location for all the technical stuff. 

Next up and for those of you who like energy drinks ;) I contacted 5 Hour Energy and they are going to be sending some of their people out to our set on Saturday August 4th to provide free 5 Hour Energy, wahoo!!!!

Stay tuned fore more updates!

48 Hour Film Project Here we Come!

Monday July 2, 2012

Exciting news! Heart and Fire Productions will be entering the 48 Hour Film Project which takes place August 3rd to the 5th. In a nutshell teams are given a genre, line of dialogue, a character and a prop which needs to be included in a 4 to 7 min. short film. From there you have 48 Hours to write, film, edit and score the short film. You can visit http://www.48hourfilm.com to learn more about this festival. Their will be a lot of exciting prizes for the City Winner including an opportunity to produce content for television network TruTV, however, the greatest reward will be the experience gained from this project and working with cast & crew to whom I am very excited to have on my team. I want to personally thank those who have joined my team and for those I continue to bring on board, this would not be possible without all of you. Now lets make the best damn film possible! =)  

Jackson Carter Combs

Saturday June 16, 2012

Hello everyone,

I mentioned in my previous post the birth of my son Jackson Carter Combs so I wanted to share a picture of my little man with you all. He is 2 months old in this picture and he turns 3 months tomorrow =) I wanted to give my son a good strong name and being a huge movie buff especially of action movies the name Jack was a given. The name comes from all those B movie action flicks with the bad ass tough guy cop on the edge out for revenge like Jack Carter from the Michael Cain/Stallone movie/remake Get Carter. Also from action video games like Jack Wade from the PS2 game HeadHunter. His mother and I decided on Jackson and we call him Jack for short. He is my pride and joy, my heart and soul. Daddy loves you Jack! =)

New project in Pre-production

Monday June 11, 2012

Hello everyone, 

Wow, it has been way to long since I have last updated the site! A lot of personal things have happened in the last couple years including the greatest thing to ever happen to me, the birth of my son Jackson Carter Combs who was born on March 17, 2012 (St. Patty's Baby, which is awesome since he is part Irish). In my absence I never made the proper updates on my last film Samantha, for that I apologize. I also apologize to my cast & crew for the lack of updates. Samantha is in rough cut form which everyone involved will get a copy of at the very least but I want to polish it and send out a final finished version as well! In the mean time though, I am very excited to be back at it making movies and with that comes my newest project, Scar. I'm currently in the writing stages and the movie will be a drama which I plan to have a run time of 30 mins. Scar is scheduled to film this September and casting calls will be sent out soon. Stay tuned.

Here is the synopsis:

"Joseph Bodean has always had a knack for fixing things which he discovered from having free time on his parent's land as a kid during vacations. Joseph falls in love with Juliana who is having an affair and never tells him she is married. When her husband Malcolm Hoffman, a well respected Pediatrician with a hidden dark side finds out his wife is cheating, he disfigures Joseph and breaks his hands hindering his passion for fixing things.

Disfigured, Joseph copes with the difficulties of being judged not only by the people who stare at him but by the women he dates searching for true love. Crippled and discouraged, Joseph confides in his family for support and is even introduced to a woman who does not judge him and genuinely likes him. With a new woman in his life, things are looking up, that is until Juliana pops back up and Malcolm's jealous rage continues." 

It's a Wrap!

Monday November 15, 2010

Today marked an official wrap for the lovely Terri Lombardi (Samantha) as well as the film.... wahoo!!! It has been a long haul but it's official and was totally worth it which is also sad at the same time cause we have been having one hell of a fun time filming Samantha. Today I grabbed the HD Cam and filmed some of the last scenes we needed for the shoot which included Jackson's Nightmare sequence where his Niece, Holly, pays him a haunting visit. Now the editing process begins and I will examine which Pick Up shots and Reshoots are needed. I want to personally thank my DP Aaron Radcliffe and Terri Lombardi for there hard work and dedication to film, without them hanging in there and seeing this production through to the end, we would not have the awesome revenge story that is about to be told Thanks everyone and stay tuned!

-Jimmy Lee

Samantha Official Trailer 1

Wednesday October 27, 2010

We have almost finished filming Samantha, we are currently gearing up the final scene of the movie where Samantha faces off with the murderer of her child. We have some excited things planned for the final fight. In the mean time, be sure to check out the official trailer I put together for Samantha:


Tuesday October 19th, 2010

Hello everyone,

I do apologize for the lack in updates, I've been super busy with filming Samantha but I can tell you, I think you are all gonna be extremely pleased with the final movie. We have shot some awesome footage so far, our DP Aaron, is fantastic with the camera! Terri has been delivering an outstanding performance as Samantha, her range of emotions have me very excited for audience reactions. Seymour and Brock, two bad guys in the film, where simply amazing and extremely believable in their roles. Tonight we filmed Samantha's second kill of the movie as well some other really cool establishing shots! The film is almost wrapped. Stay tuned for more updates

Jimmy Lee

Samantha Teaser Trailer

Friday October 8th, 2010

Hello everyone,

So after our third day of shooting, I figured I'd whip together a quick little teaser trailer to share with you all! This has been quite an interesting and raw shoot! It has me very excited for the finished film ;) In the mean time, please enjoy the teaser trailer to Samantha:

Breaking News! On the Samantha Carter Case!

Saturday October 2nd, 2010

Breaking News on the Samantha Carter Case. Action 7 News Reporter, Brooke Wood, brings us the latest on the recent murders in the city. Samantha Carter, who's daughter was murdered five years ago, is a suspect and wanted for questioning.

Teaser Poster for my new film Samantha!

Wednesday September 29th, 2010

Sadly I had to cancel production on Streets of Rage for the time being, however, it's time to bounce back and like my moto "Never give up and never stop believing" that being said I'm excited to officially announce my next film titled "Samantha" starring Kimberly Hawks and yours truly. More details are sure to follow including a synopsis. In the mean time here is a Teaser Poster I put together:

Streets of Rage Canceled!

Hello everyone,
I regret to inform you all that the production on Streets of Rage has been canceled. There has been many scheduling conflicts and with our main lead no longer able to make the film, it is just to short of notice to try and find a replacement. I even debated jumping in there as Axel but I just don't fully look the part and being that this is a fan film, I don't want to disappoint the huge fan base. I do have plans to restart the production again in the future but in the mean time I'm shifting gears to another script that I will be working with Kimberly on. I would love to work with as many of you as possible on this alternate film I'm cooking up so I will be in contact with you on an individual basis. Thanks again everyone for all your time and devotion.

Cast & Crew Party Recap!

Dear Cast & Crew,

Thank you all so much for coming out last night, I will never forget it! I had an absolute blast and I hope you all did too!!! A.J. you can sing the hell out of Stone Temple Pilots and Zahir my man, you melted every girls heart in that joint with the Trey Songz, Can't Help But Wait, you sang. Plus, that girl was totally getting freaky with ya on stage ;) Wish I woulda got some of that action with that girl lol. Kim, as always, your beautiful voice filled the building, wish you coulda gotta sang some more =/
JT my man, an absolute pleasure having you join us, it wouldn't have been complete without you sir. And of course Aaron, you da man, it was great getting to meet a fellow passionate film maker such as your self. Dusty, thanks for all your input man, your experience will prove most valuable to the film and your totally perfect as Murphy man.  All this being said, it's time to make a kick ass movie with the best cast I have ever assembled for a movie. Thanks again everyone, those Tacos rocked and the Karaoke was awesome!!! =D
Below are some pics from the party, yeah we kick ass =D

Rachael Weinstein to play News Lady!

Monday September 19, 2010

Another one of my old acting buddies, Rachael Weinstein, will be playing the News Lady in the film. She reports on all the criminal activity in the city. Welcome aboard Rachael and Tyler =D

Tyler Haynes Casted to play Antonio!

Sunday September 19, 2010

I'm excited! Today I casted an old acting buddy of mine, Tyler Haynes, who was also in my first film Betrayed Heart. Tyler will be playing Antonio, one of the Syndicate bad guys who sports a Boomerang as his weapon. Antonio is also sent in to pay off the Police Captain and has a fight against our vigilantes.

Nora Casted!

Saturday September 18, 2010

Today I casted Shonda Mackey as Nora, a whip wielding enemy from the Streets of Rage video game! Welcome aboard Shonda.

Concept Poster!

Tuesday September 14, 2010

Check out this concept poster I whipped together real quick of Zahir Abdullahi as Adam Hunter!

Zahir as Adam Hunter!

Saturday September 11, 2010

Today I met up with Zahir to start piecing together his outfit! Check this out out, my man Zahir who is playing Adam Hunter is in outfit. I still have to paint the shoulder pads. Zahir makes the perfect Adam!

Zahir doing an Adam Hunter Pose from Sega Genesis Title Screen:

Zahir as Adam Hunter slipping the jab:


Saturday September 4th, 2010

I am very excited to announce that I have my three actors casted to play Axel Stone, Adam Hunter and Blaze Fielding. I also have other actors casted as well which are all listed below. They are all very passionate and resemble there characters very closely. I will post some photos of the actors in the coming days.

Andrew Katers- Axel Stone

Zahir Abdullahi- Adam Hunter
Kimberly Hawks- Blaze Fielding

Check out Kimberly's website here: www.kimberlthawks.webs.com
JT Richardson-Police Captain Wyndam

Steve Coe- Mr. X

Dusty Hatch- Murphey
Mark Kasper- Garcia

Thursday September 2nd, 2010

Hello everyone,

I had auditions today for my Streets of Rage short film! It went great and I met a lot of really talented actors. I've been reviewing the audition footage and will be making my casting decisions by Sunday evening. I have a couple more auditions in the mean time. Thanks again to everyone who auditioned today, it was a real pleasure meeting all of you.

Jimmy Lee

New Short Film Based off Video Game!

Thursday August 26, 2010

Hello everyone, it's that time once again to get behind the camera and film another flick! This time I'm doing a short film based off a video game called Streets of Rage! As most people know, video games are my number one passion so it is going to be awesome to create a fan film based off a video game. I have done some test shots and created a teaser trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPCyCq1My_U. Stay tuned for more updates!




Tuesday July 14th, 2009

Hello ladies and gents. I wanted to share with you a pic of my brother Brandon Carrillo who is playing Samson in my fourth film titled Karaoke Nights. The pic below shows him in costume lol.



Monday July 13th, 2009

Hello everyone,

Here is a trailer to my upcoming fourth film "Karaoke Nights" which is a comedy/mockumentary on Karaoke. I have done a lot of drama films and have decided to break away for a while and start producing some other generes. Enjoy =)



Sunday July 12th, 2009

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. I have been hard at work on editing Blind Without a Love. The movie is finished and is in Rough Cut form, now I will polish everything up and collaborate with my DP to make the movie look as good as possible. I'm also excited to announce that my fourth film will be a Mocumentary comedy called Karaoke Nights. Stay tuned for more updates.


Wednesday May 13th, 2009

Here is a Teaser Poster for Blind Without a Love.





Wednesday, May 13th 2009

Here are some more set pics from day 2 of shooting: http://blindwithoutalove.shutterfly.com/


Monday May 11th, 2009

Here is a reveal picture of the Mystical Guitar Player played by Kevin Ryan:


Monday May 11th, 2009

That's a wrap! Filming has officially wraped on my third film "Blind Without a Love". The production went fantastic. I want to personally thank everyone involved. Now comes the exciting and fun part, editing this baby =) I'm gonna put together a ruff cut of the film at which point I will hold a screening for the cast and crew to come check out and offer me any feedback on the film that I can apply to the final cut that will be entered into film festivals =) Kevin and Audrey, I am very pleased with your performances, you brought so much to the characters and really brought them to life. I appreciate your commitment and dedication to the characters. Thomas, you da man. I can't thank you enough for your professionalism and beautiful cinematography. Lindsey and Marie, you both rocked as my assistants =) Also, Thomas be sure to thank your girl friend for her assistance as well. As a film maker, I'm learning something new all the time and I'm fixing old mistakes only to make new ones. It comes with the job I guess but that is part of the fun is learning from your mistakes and being put to the challenge. I had an absolute blast working with all of you and I know the future will bring us back together again on one of my shoots or another film makers'. In any case, I can't wait to work with you all again. The story is very close and personal to me, I am excited to see the finished product when I am done editing =) Thank you all again, I will be in touch with all future progress on the film. Have a great night.

Here is a set pic from todays' last day of shooting:




Friday May 8th, 2009

Here is a Ruff Cut scene from my upcoming film Blind Without a Love. It is a flash back scene and will under go some color corrections for a flash back vibe as well formated to the correct 16:9 aspect ratio.


Thursday April 30th, 2009

Here is the second Teaser Trailer to Blind Without a Love


Sunday April 26th, 2009

Here it is ladies and gentleman, I am excited to announce the first official Teaser Trailer to my upcoming film Blind Without a Love. Enjoy everyone!


Thursday April 23rd, 2009

Here is a cool compositing shot produced by our DP Thomas Tamura http://www.dailymotion.com/user/heartandfireproductions/video/x92ozb_blind-without-a-love-test-composite_shortfilms It is two scenes from the movie, the Car Accident Scene and a really cool under the blankets shot of Lee and Ann conversing. Please note that their is no sound. Enjoy.




Wednesday April 22nd, 2009

Here are more pictures from the set of Blind Without a Love taken by our lovely Production Photographer, Lindsey Harris. http://cmd.shutterfly.com/commands/pictures/slideshow?site=blindwithoutalove&page=blindwithoutalove&album=23 or if you would like to see them individually you can click here http://blindwithoutalove.shutterfly.com/



Tuesday April 21st, 2009

Hello everyone,

I would like to thank all of you for your outstanding work today, having an amazing cast and crew like you guys reminds me of why filmmaking is so much damn fun =) Today was quit the day and we rocked out every scene we needed in a professional and timely manner. There was everything from a crazy baby running around the house to my Rocky Balboa impersonation to boiling up under a sheet lol to getting all bloodied up and messy to almost pulling a mussel in my leg lol. I had an absolute blast today and this by far as been my most professional film yet thanks to you all.
Audrey, thank you again, you are a real trooper for getting all bloody and messy =) we rocked the scenes and it is awesome acting with you. Marie, your outgoingness and bubbly attitude adds wonders to set and it is awesome having you with us. Kevin, you rock man, thanks for stopping by the set today man, we all enjoyed seeing you. Lindsey, I love you baby and thank you for taking some awesome production photos. Speaking of production photos I will have these all uploaded to tomorrow and I will send them your guys' way =)
Thomas thank you for your kind words, it is a pleasure working with a professional like you. You know your shit and I trust you completely behind the camera. We are like the dynamic duo on set man, I dig how well we ping pong off each other and respect each others ideas. I appreciate you doing the color correcting to the Under the Sheets scene, Lindsey told me about how awesome the scene looks, I look forward to seeing it. Brilliant idea man; you totally have that artistic eye.
You totally have my permission Thomas to send the cast and crew any footage or clips you would like. When I upload the footage on my end, I'm gonna put together a teaser trailer that I will send to everybody. I am super psyched for the second day of shooting, I will figure in extra time for your set ups man. Sweet, thanks for sharing your film link with us, I checked out the link with the photos and seen the one with you on your gib, not to bad man.
Alrighty everyone, I will be in touch here soon with more details on Day 2 of shooting. You all rock and I can't wait to work with you all again on Day 2, let's hope you will all recognize me ;)
Stay tuned to the web site for more updates on the film. In the mean time here is a picture I would like to share with you from the set, their are more on the way.


Wednesday April 15th, 2009

Here are a story boards to the opening scene of Blind Without a Love. My drawings looks really bad and storyboarding is not in my future lol. Enjoy.



Monday April 13th, 2009

The cast is in place and filming is about to begin. Here are the actors for Blind Without a Love:

Audrey Walters- Ann

Kevin Ryan- The Mystical Guitar Player

Jimmy Lee Combs- Lee


Monday April 13th, 2009

I would like to congratulate Audrey Walters who will be playing Ann and Kevin Ryan who will be playing the Mystical Guitar Player. Yours truly will be playing Lee. Auditions went great and I am so excited to be working with all of you on our new film. Thomas R Tamura will be our very talented Director of Photography, him and I have met and have a really good vision for the film. Please be sure to check out his web site www.TamuraVideo.com. Thomas will be filming our movie with the Sony HVR Z1 HDV camera and the film will be shot in HD.
Lindsey Harris will be our production assistant and script supervisor as well as helping Thomas and I behind the camera. As of right now we are scheduled to shoot our first day on April 21st which will be all the flash back scenes between Ann and Lee as well as the car accident. I have been receiving a tremendous amount of positive feedback about the story I have written, with all of us giving our 100% we will truly deliver an awesome film that I hope will take the Festivals by Storm =)
Also, I will be updating the web site with new info regarding the film and the production. Tomorrow Audrey and I will be meeting for a rehearsal. Thank you again everyone, I am so excited and honored to be working with such awesome talent.


Sunday April, 12th 2009

Happy Easter and God Bless from Heart and Fire Productions! 


Saturday April 12th, 2009

Hello everyone,

Auditions went fantastic, there where so many actors with amazing talent. I am in the middle of Casting the characters as we speak and as they are chosen I will announce the Cast and Crew here on the website.Thanks again to everyone who auditioned for Blind Without a Love. The first day of shooting begins April 21st and I will be keeping a production log here on the website. Stay tuned.



Monday March 16th, 2009

Hello everybody, I am excited to announce that Blind Without a Love is in Pre-Production and filming will begin in May. I will be writing, directing, editing, producing and acting in the film. Here is the synopsis of the film:

"One day out of the blue, Lee wasn't expecting to loose the love of his life in a fatal car accident that left his love, Ann, dead and himself blind when pieces of glass strike his eyes. Down on his luck and suicidal while feeling guilty and loosing his faith, Lee runs into a mysterious mystic guitar player, who takes Lee under his wing and guides him to recovery through the beauty of guitar. Lee is skeptical, doubtful and bitter at first due to his lose of sight and the lose of his love but Lee comes around and realizes the healing power of music. Little does Lee know, the mystic guitar player, holds more than meets the eye."

The film will have a very spiritual and mystical feel/theme to it and will revolve around loosing a loved one and how hard it is for one to cope with the lose. I will be playing the character of Lee since in all actuality I am this character. The theme of lose comes from my ex fiance running out on me, so I know how it feels to lose a special someone you love deeply and believe is the only one for you, I will be putting all that and more into the story and characters along with a lot of symbolism. I am so excited for this film, that I have been loosing sleep every night since the idea was conceived. 



Thursday December 25th, 2008

Hello everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on behalf of myself and Heart and Fire Productions. I have one exciting announcement to make, I will be setting up a Pay Pal link on the website here shortly for donations for ill children and animals who have been abused. Please stay tuned. Be safe and have fun. I will see you in the New Year =)

Never give up and never stop believing,

Jimmy Lee- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor




Saturday October 24th, 2008

Hello everyone,

I do apologize for the lack of updates on my end but it is for good reason =) With "Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt" complete (now all I have to do is promote and hold a screening), I have been able to focus more on and bring one of my dreams to life, my own video game tv show. I have started a new production company called "For Love of the Game Productions" to along with Heart and Fire Productions. For of Love the Game will be my video game company and Heart and Fire will remain my filmmaking company. Now since my true passion in life is video games, everything I do involving video games, truly is for love of the game (which is where the name comes from). So with all the experience I have learned from making movies, I have been able to carry that experience over into my video game lifestyle and bring my vision of a video game tv show to life.

It all started 5 years ago when a TV station devoted to video games called G4TV launched, I was drooling when I found out about this new gaming station, so out of excitement, I decided to write and put together a video game tv show concept that I could host to submit to G4TV for consideration for a new program as a part of their line up. They expressed great interest, they where sending me confidintional forms to sign and where arranging to send me out to LA for a meeting. Unfortunitly, when they got the final word from Tom Zitto (Founder of G4TV) that they where not greenlighting anymore shows for the network, things did not go further. So, for the past years I have been sitting on my video game show concept. But thanks to my knowledge of filmmaking and writing for a classic gaming publication called Video Game Trader Magazine www.videogametrader.com I have decedied to team up with the editor of the magazine and finally make my show a reality. By combining portions of the magazine along with my ideas for the show, I have been able to create an exciting new video game tv show dedicated to hard core classic gamers. I have two finished episodes including the pilot which can be found on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw_mkH-VGEk Please be sure to check it out and let me know what ya think =)

With this exciting new endevour, I have been dedicating a lot of time to it and will continue to do so. However, I will be filming my third film "Blind Without a Love" here shortly and I am very excited for the script. It will have a powerful message and story that I hope you all will enjoy. Stay tuned.

Never give up and never stop believing,
Jimmy Lee- Heart and Fire Productions
Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


Wednesday September, 10th 2008

Alrighty everyone,

So here is the scoop I will be holding a Ruff Cut Screening of Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt for the cast, crew and families on Friday September 19th at 7:00pm. Their will be chips, drinks and cool stuff like that. I truly hope you can all make it and see your hard work on film, you all did amazing and I am very pleased with the film. If you can please let me know if you will be able to attend, I would greatly appreciate it, that way I know about how many to expect. Also, feel free to bring friends and family. I'm also gonna be showing my first film Betrayed Heart prior to Daughter's Pain, kinda of a grindhouse thing =)
Thanks everyone, I hope to see as many of you as possible. After the Ruff Cut Screening, I'm gonna get everything tip top with the film at which point I will hold the official Premier Party. I'm looking into the Mayan Theatre for the Premier. I will let ya all know. I'm shooting for November for the premire party and want to try to get the Press involved. I'm totally excited.


Sunday August, 24th 2008

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know I am leaving for San Francisco tomorrow morning and will be back on Wednesday. I want to share with you all some exciting news, I have "Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt" edited and in ruff cut form. Now at this point I just need to clean up the sound, add some music and get a couple extra scenes filmed (if I end up needing them that is) and I will have a finished product here soon at which point I will be throwing a premiere party. I will also try to set up a ruff cut viewing of the film to get all your feedback. Thanks again everyone, I am most pleased with all the footage and acting. Amazing job! Right on! I'll talk to you all when I get back. God Bless.


Thursday August 14th, 2008

Hello everyone,

So things are starting to get a little better on my end and I have been able to focus on editing more. As a little treat, I wanted to share with you all a Ruff Cut of the opening of the film. I hope you all like it and it is still a work in progress, their is a couple missing scenes that I will add as I finish editing the movie. A very special thanks to The Toad Tavern for letting me film at their bar and a big shout out to my boy Hypnautic for letting me film his awesome performance at The Toad Tavern. Also, please be warned that their is some strong language in this film, mainly during the opening of the film. Thanks again, I look forward to hearing what you all think. Take care and God Bless.



Tuesday August 5th, 2008

Here is a Poem I wrote and read for my Grandpa at his Funeral:

              "Grandpa my Hero"

        By: James Clyde Combs

Grandpa not only where you a war hero, you are my hero.

I never realized how much I really admired and looked up to you,

until our final hours where sadly to conclude.


You where brought into this world with a bang and lived it with

spunk, stubbornness and love and you fought bravely for our country

with honor, pride and might, you left this world with a peaceful fight.


I grew up with you, oh how the years fly by

but I remember when I was little standing to your knee,

whenever I got in trouble, to you I would flee.


I will never forget our talks about the women in Paris or your times

in Jolly Ol England, for our conversations I will always have

an eternal appreciation.


There is so much I admire about you, especially how you stopped

years of heavily drinking and smokin, if only more people had

your devotion.


Even though you are gone, I know you will be watching over

and guiding me, whenever I am sad or down I know I can look up

to heaven and smile happily.


I am filled with honor, dignity and pride to be named after such

an amazing man, I will continue to make you and the family proud

with all my heart can.


Now that your not here, who’s gonna be the one to tie my ties when

I have a special occasion or hot date, I guess their comes a time when every

man must breakaway and carry his own weight.


I miss seeing you sit outside, every time I walked by you always had something

to say or a nice compliment to pay, when I think of you I know it’s gonna

be a beautiful day.


I miss your nicknames that you gave me, when I went to Karate you called

me the Karate Kid, when I dressed like a gangster I was Al Capone,

in our final hours I stayed by your side and I made sure you

where not going out of this world alone.

You will be sorely missed and forever loved, you will live on through stories

told and your spirit remains with us all as you watch from above. I miss

and love you dearly but it is a comfort to know the pearly gates are open

and god is holding you sincerely.

In my mind engraved with flowers, is our final hours. I love you Grandpa.


Tuesday August 5th, 2008
Hello every one,
This past week has been very hard on me, my Grandpa passed away on 7-30-2008. It has also been very hard on my family. I just wanted to let you all know I have taken some time for grieving, so I will be a little behind schedule on editing Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt but not to worry, I will still have it finished in a couple months at which point I will setup the premiere party  similar in fashion to Betrayed Heart, I will also raise money at the Premiere party (in honor of my Grandpa) to donate to hospitals for people with heart conditions and for heart research since my Grandpa passed away from a heart attack. It feels really wonderful to give money to those in need. When I donated all the money I raised from the Betrayed Heart premiere party to the Children's Hospital, it made me feel so good for doing that, it made me more of a man and I will continue to help others. Thanks everyone and God Bless!


Sunday July 27th, 2008

Now that I have finished filming "Daughter' Pain, Father's Guilt," I'm in the post production stages. I'm currently editing, putting together the soundtrack and scroing the film which is gonna be fun and awesome. When I have finished editing Daughter's Pain, I will be throwing a premier party as well as a fund raiser with all the proceeds going to a charity. For my first film Betrayed Heart, I was able to raise money for the Children's Hospital which I am very proud of and can't thank all those enough who donated and put a smile on a childs face.

In the meantime, I have started writing the script to my next film currently titled "Blind Without a Love" that I will be filming in the coming months. Here is a brief synopsis of the film:

"One day out of the blue, Lee wasn't expecting to loose the love of his life in a fatal motorcycle/car accident that left his love, Ann, dead and himself blind when pieces of glass strike his eyes. Down on his luck, feeling guilty and loosing his faith, Lee runs into a mysterious mystic guitar player, who takes Lee under his wing and guides him to recovery through the beauty of guitar. Lee, is skeptical, doubtful and bitter at first due to his lose of sight and the lose of his love but Lee comes around and realizes the healing power of music. Little does Lee know, the mystic guitar player, holds more than meets the eye."

The film will have a very spiritual and mystical feel/theme to it and will revolve around loosing a loved one and how hard it is for one to cope with the lose. I will be playing the character of Lee since in all actuality I am this character. The theme of lose comes from my ex fiance running out on me, so I know how it feels to lose a special someone you love deeply and believe is the only one for you, I will be putting all that and more into the story and characters along with a lot of symbolism. I am so excited for this film, that I have been loosing sleep every night since the idea was conceived.  I am so excited for this film, that I have been loosing sleep every night since the idea was conceived.

Also, please be sure to check out the link to the left entitled "Blind Without a Love" for more updates and info on the film as well as pictures and media. Stay tuned.

Never give up and never stop believing,

Jimmy Lee Combs- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


Sunday July 27th, 2008

Here is a behind the scenes picture from the set of "Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt" it is a picture of Thomas Wright played by Keith Wright, coming back into his wife and daughter's life after 8 years. He "bears" a gift for his daughter. Will they forgive him?


Friday July 25th, 2008

Here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, the second trailer to my new film "Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt" I hope you enjoy:


Wednesday July 23rd, 2008

Hello everyone,
That' a Wrap. Whew! What a fun and crazy three day of filming. First off let me thank you all for all your hard work and dedication to this film, without you all, this movie simply never could have been made. I'm excited to get started on Post Production and will get you all a copy of the film as well as an invitation to the Premier Party. I am very pleased with the footage and have a lot to work with which is very nice. Heather our Assistant Director totally kicked ass on this production, she is very good at what she does and did an amazing job of keeping me on track when I got carried away or excited with shots that slowed us down. I look forward to working with her and all of you again. Stauzya who played Young Kelly is an amazing little actress, she has natural talent like Dakota Fanning and would be very pleased to work with her and her family again. I will be in touch with those of you that I need pick up shots and ADR from. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again, I appreciate the level commitment, enthusiasm and energy that everybody brought to set. Stayed tuned for a second trailer coming very soon. Have a great night. 


Saturday July 12th, 2008

With filming getting ready to officially start on July 21st for "Daughter' Pain, Father's Guilt," I am already excited to announce my next flick that I will be filming in the coming months. Currently it is titled "Blind Without a Love" here is a brief synopsis of the film:

"One day out of the blue, Lee wasn't expecting to loose the love of his life in a fatal motorcycle/car accident that left his love, Ann, dead and himself blind when pieces of glass strike his eyes. Down on his luck, feeling guilty and loosing his faith, Lee runs into a mysterious mystic guitar player, who takes Lee under his wing and guides him to recovery through the beauty of guitar. Lee, is skeptical, doubtful and bitter at first due to his lose of sight and the lose of his love but Lee comes around and realizes the healing power of music. Little does Lee know, the mystic guitar player, holds more than meets the eye."

The film will have a very spiritual and mystical feel/theme to it and will revolve around loosing a loved one and how hard it is for one to cope with the lose. I will be playing the character of Lee since in all actuality I am this character. The theme of lose comes from my ex fiance running out on me, so I know how it feels to lose a special someone you love deeply and believe is the only one for you, I will be putting all that and more into the story and characters along with a lot of symbolism. I am so excited for this film, that I have been loosing sleep every night since the idea was conceived.  I am so excited for this film, that I have been loosing sleep every night since the idea was conceived.

Also, please be sure to check out the link to the left entitled "Blind Without a Love" for more updates and info on the film as well as pictures and media. Stay tuned.

Never give up and never stop believing,

Jimmy Lee Combs- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor



Saturday July 5th, 2008

I am excited to be working with a very talented group of actors on my upcoming film. Here is the complete Cast and Crew for Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt:


Thomas Wright: Keith Wright

Joan Wright: Ashley Henkle

Kelly Wright: Melissa Huff

Young Kelly: Stauzya Rafferty

Frank Johnson: Brandon Carrillo

Rick Raimi: Dave Mann

Counselor: Catherine McGuire


Writer, Director, Producer- Jimmy Lee Combs

Director of Photography and Editor- Jimmy Lee Combs

Assistant Director- Heather McFadden



Friday July 4th, 2008

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy 4th of July. Have a safe and fun weekend!


Tuesday July 1st, 2008

Here it is ladies and gentleman, the first Trailer to my upcoming film, "Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt" I hope you all enjoy it! As I get more footage I will put together another Trailer. The guitar you hear playing in trailer is done by me, as I learn the guitar better, I am excited to score some of the movie. Stay tuned.


Saturday June 28th, 2008

So the first night of shooting went awesome! I got some great footage and will be putting together a Teaser Trailer with that footage within the next couple days, I will send it your way when it's finished. The bar was bumping and got hectic at times but everything worked out great. I want to thank Keith for staying up and being a trooper, we got some great shots with him. Also, my boy Hypnautic, thanks for your awesome music performance and being in the film, I got some great shots of you and your peps. I will finish shooting July 22nd to the 24th. Stay tuned. 



Wednesday June 25th, 2008

I'm excited to annouce that I will be filming the first scene to Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt, this Friday night, June 27th. It's a Bar scene where the main character, Thomas Wright, looses to Frank Johnson after a game of Pool and Thomas ends up owing him even more money. Frank confronts Thomas and wants his money. The rest of  the film will be shooting July 22nd to the 24th. I'll keep ya updated! Stay tuned.


Tuesday June 24th, 2008
Here is a short film I was in directed by the very talented Veronica Booz with the Colorado Film School. I play the character Travis. Just thought I would share this with everyone since it is for my acting career. Enjoy.


Sunday June, 22nd 2008

Auditions went great, I met a lot of very talented actors/actresses. I almost have all the characters cast. I am pleased to announce that Ashley Henkle will be playing the wife, Joan Wright. Check out her head shot below and stay tuned as I post more headshots and Bios for all the actors cast in "Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt."


June 12th, 2008
Hello everyone,
Auditions are in full force and taking place next week. I have had a great response and I am looking forward to the auditions. Here is the casting call:
Hello and thank you for reading,

Heart and Fire Productions seeking actors for film. It is a father and Daughter drama with a theme of the power of forgiveness and second chances. It will be a 3 day shoot that I will be filming in mid to late July. I am very excited for this project, it is the first film of mine that I will be behind the camera as a Director of Photography. This film will be festival bound and entered along side my first film, "Betrayed Heart." Auditions will be held Monday, June 16th 2008 and Tuesday, June 17th 2008 from 12-4PM. Here is a breakdown of the characters I am looking for:

Thomas Wright- Male Lead- mid 30's: Thomas wasn't always a bad man but due to gambling and drinking addictions that have gotten the better of him, he has turned into a dead beat father and a wife beating husband who runs out on his wife and daughter. Years later after loosing everything, Thomas finds himself in a life changing situation and decides to get his life together.

Kelly Wright- Female character- Teenager: Kelly is your normal fun loving teenager with lots of friends. However, she has let the hate towards her father consume her over the years after Thomas ran out on her and her mother, when she was a little girl. Will she ever forgive him?

Frank Johnson- Male- 30 to 40's: A debt collector and fellow bar fly, Thomas owes Frank some money that Frank intends on collecting with Thomas's life at stake.

Rick Raimi- Male - Mid 40's to 50's: Old friend and father figure to Thomas, Rick is the only man Thomas has to turn to when in need of help. Rick is wise and offers to help Thomas get back on track with his life.

Counselor- Male or Female- 30's to 40's: Heads the group meeting that Thomas attends for therapy.

Since this is a low budget film, I will not be able to pay but I will make sure to get you a copy of the film for your portfolio/demo reel. I'm also a firm believer in treating my crew and talent with respect, so it will be a great experience as well. Please send your headshot and resume and I will respond with an audition time and location. Sides will be given at the audition. Thanks.


June 6th, 2008

Hey everyone, here is the first Teaser Trailer to "Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt", my second short film. I was messing around on my Guitar and put together the guitar riff that you will hear playing through out, it is nothing fancy and I just thought it fit pretty good. Also, the music is only temporally until I have the song that is being performed specially for the movie by the very talented Heather Wiggins from Nashville, Tennessee. Heather contributed her beautiful song, Real Live Angel, for my first film "Betrayed Heart" so I am very excited to be working with her and her band again. I hope you enjoy the trailer. Stay tuned for more updates.

Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt Teaser link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bgkC-4Uuds



June 4th, 2008

Hello everyone, I do apologize for my lack of updates. Things are looking good, my schedule is starting to look more steady and their is an extemely good chance I'm gonna start holding auditions this month for "Daugther's Pain, Father's Guilt" and I am aiming to shoot in July. I can't tell you all enough how excited I am for my second film. Please stay tuned, I will have a teaser trailer posted soon.

Never give up and never stop believing,

Jimmy Lee Combs- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


March 25th, 2008

Hello everyone,

I'm excited to announce that I will be holding auditions here shortly for "Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt" please be on the look out on Craig's List and Rocky Mountain Breakdown. I'm very ciked for this flick, not only will it be my second film but it will also mark my debut as a DP on my own film. Also, last week I had fun breaking in a Canon XL 1 DV Cam up in Boulder, I filmed a children's play which was a blast. Stay tuned everyone. 


February 28th, 2008


Hello everyone,

It has been a crazy busy past month. I just started a new video game job which I love very much, it's a blast. So that being said I was not able to get "Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt" filmed this month but once I get a more steady schedule I will be filming in March. Please be on the look out on Craig's List and Rocky Mountain Breakdown.com, I will be posting info for auditions on those sites. Take care everyone.


Never give up and never stop believing,

Jimmy Lee Combs- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


January 31st, 2007

Great news! I passed the Field Production Classes at Denver Open Media (www.denveropenmedia.com), I'm now officially certified to use their equipment. What this means is now I have access to a Canon XL 1 or a Sony PD-170 DV Cam, lighting and sound equipment. The content that I film with their equipment will be aired on their reserved Comcast Cable channels which will be great exposure for Actors and Crew.  All that being said, I can now start pre-production on "Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt" which I will be writing, directing, producing and editing. This is will be my first film that I'm Director of Photographing which is going to be very exciting and a great learning experience as well. I can't wait to start filming, this is awesome. Stay Tuned everyone.

Jimmy Lee- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor 


January 24th, 2007


Hello everyone,
I just wanted to share this "Thank You" letter with you that I received in the mail yesterday from the Colorado Children's Hospital. This letter is the most rewarding feeling I could have gotten out of Betrayed Heart and I want to thank all of you again who where involved for your hard work on the movie and to those who made donations at the Betrayed Heart Premiere Party back in November. Thanks again everyone and God bless.
Never give up and never stop believing,
Jimmy Lee Combs- Heart and Fire Productions
Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


January 12th, 2008

 Hey everyone,

I regret to inform you all that I am post poning the shoot of "A Parent's Fear" until a future date. I just have not been able to get this film to take off. Their was a lot of scheduling conflicts with cast and crew and unfortunately now is just not the time. I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused those who where involved and I want to thank all of you personally for believing in this project just as strongly as I have. I will take full responsibility for the lack of unprofessionalism on my end and part of the reason for not getting this movie filmed at this time. 

I am very broken up about this but I can't waste time dwelling, I have a lot of other projects that I'm psyched to get cracking on. I have decided I want to learn how to DP and do lighting ontop of writing, directing, editing and producing like I have been, it is something I have been really wanting to do and it will allow me to be very self efficient and a lot more reliable with cast and crew with scheduling and getting stuff done in a timely manner. 
That being said, I'm gonna be taking classes at Denver Open Media at the end of this month to get certified to use their field equipment which includes: Camera, Lighting, sound equipment and more. I'm super ciked about this because I'm gonna use this equipment to film my next movie, since this will be my first time operating the camera and lighting, I'm gonna pace myself the first couple films and do 10 Min. to 15min. shorts films, then eventually a feature I want to shoot in summer time.
The first 15 min. short film I wanna film once I get certified, is a story about a Father and Daughter. It revolves around a father who has never been in his daughters life ever since she was little, so years later through a life changing experience, the father turns himself around and wants to come back into his daughters life to make good but will his daughter accept him back into her life and realize the power of forgiveness or will she let the hate that has consumed her over the years keep her father cast out of her life forever? Find out soon.
Ontop of that, I'm excited to film a Documentary on a street fighting Marital Arts that I study called "Kenpo" Karate. That will be a lot of fun. I'm also wanting to do what I can to try and get a romance novel adapted. 2008 is gonna be a great year for Heart and Fire Productions. Thank you all again for your time and support, stay tuned.


January 2nd, 2008

I updated the website with a new section called "Inspirations and Philosophies" which has videos, writings, book recommendations, philosophies, etc., that I hope will inspire those who check it out.

I'm very excited for 2008, it's gonna be an awesome year for movies and filmmaking.

Merry Christmas



Never give up and never stop believing,

Jimmy Lee- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor



December 12th, 2007

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with you a concept Poster for A Parent's Fear. A very special thanks to my Make Up Artist/Photographer, Sarah Gotschall, for her awesome job on the pictures.

Poster 2

Poster 1


December 9th, 2007

I just added a Pictures section to the left to view pics from A Parent's Fear. On that note, I had to push back filming till January, which will give me more time to make A Parent's Fear the best movie it can be. I'm very ciked and it's gonna be awesome. Here are some pics of the characters:

Jack, Gloria and Ethan Slade. A very happy family.

Street Cop Jack Slade.

Street Cop Jack Slade


November 26th, 2007

Hey everyone, I just whipped together a Teaser Trailer for "A Parent's Fear," you can find it to the left under the A Parent's Fear link. Things are coming along great, please stay tuned for more updates.

Never give up and never stop believing,
Jimmy Lee Combs- Heart and Fire Productions
Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


November 22nd, 2007

As a tie in to my next movie, "A Parent's Fear," here are some links I think you all should check out:




Thanks everyone and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Never give up and never stop beliving,

Jimmy Lee Combs- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


November 18th, 2007

Hello everyone,

I'm excited to announce that I am in Pre-Production for my next 40 min. film which will be a Drama entitled "A Parent's Fear." The script is finished and I am very eager to start filming. Whereas my first film, "Betrayed Heart," has a moral of the importance of Trust and Honesty in a relationship and pulling yourself up when life has got ya down, "A Parent's Fear," will have a moral and message of the importance of keeping an eye on your children, because all it can take is a brief moment and your child can be kidnapped. As was the case with John Walsh's (America's Most Wanted Host) son. My heart really goes out to him and his family and what they went through back in the 80's when their son was kidnapped and sadly murdered. My heart also goes out to all the missing children that are reported missing every day. 

Here is a brief synopsis of my film:

"Jack Slade, a strong willed family man Denver Police Detective, is sent on a cat & mouse game through Denver to get his 5yr old kidnapped son back. The napper is Derian Ronan, former Denver Criminal whose Brother, Gary Ronan, was shot dead by Jack. Now Derian has come out of hiding, wanting his revenge, he kidnaps Jack's son, Ethan, at a department store right underneath Ethan's mother's nose. Now Jack must face his worst fear as a Parent and get his son back at all costs while holding himself and his wife together."
"It's every parents fear. Some must face it. How far will you go."
"A Parent's Fear"
Written, Directed and Produced by Jimmy Lee Combs


October 21st, 2007


Hey everyone,

It's official, the Premiere Party is on, the amazingly talented music artist Hypnautic, who's music is featured in the film, just confirmed he will perform a live show during the party. This is also a meet and greet with the cast and crew, so whatever press can make it will be able to meet as many of you as possible, I truly hope you all can make it =) Please write me back as soon as you can to let me know if you will be able to attend, I greatly appreciate it and it will be one bad ass party. Here is the Press Release with all the info:

October 21, 2007
Jimmy Lee Combs
Heart and Fire Productions
Betrayed Heart Film
I started my acting and screenwriting career three years ago and recently started my film making career thanks to knowledge gained being a Production Assistant as well as Assistant Director on other very talented peoples films. About Heart and Fire, I started Heart and Fire Productions back in July with the intent to produce and make films with a positive message or moral of some sort but I also want to make a film from every genre with any purpose.
One of my goals with Heart and Fire Productions is to make the movies I want without pulling any punches and without letting money be a crutch. My philosophy is, if your passionate about films go out their and make films, don't let anyone stand in your way or tell you you can't do it. I Have always loved this saying "You can go far beyond what people think you can do, if you believe in it and in yourself." 
Also, I like to run a relaxed and stress free set as possible. I'm a firm believer in treating my cast and crew with respect and everyone having a great experience doing what we are passionate about, making movies. Being an actor myself, I also would like my films to really push fellow actors and their performances so they can really show their stuff as an actor and their wonderful talent. If it is one thing I hope people gain from working with me and my films, is that they had a fun time and enjoyed themselves and knowing that their hard work is very much appreciated.
My first film is entitled “Betrayed Heart” It is a true story about Love, Betrayal and Redemption. Here is the synopsis:
“Coming out of a nasty relationship, Travis Stone (Jimmy Lee Combs), an old fashioned philosophical, stand up Martial Artist meets the woman of his dreams off the Internet, Lily Ann (Lauren von Engeln), a woman with a heart of gold and has everything in common with Travis. It is love at first sight for these two. Believing in fate and destiny, they both fall head over heels in love with each other after their first date. However, things take a turn for the worse.... Love. Betrayal. Redemption. When life has got you down, sometimes you have to fight back.”
So that being said, it gives me great pleasure to announce the Premiere party for my first film “Betrayed Heart.” Come meet and greet the Cast and Crew as well as listen to a live performance from the very talented local music artist, Hypnautic featuring Apostasy and Robin, who provided some amazing songs for the film's soundtrack. There will be two showings of the film, one at 7:30PM and the other at 9:00PM. There will be food and I'm also giving everybody the option if they would like to make a donation, that Heart and Fire Productions will donate to a Colorado Charity with a very special thanks from you. I will also be announcing my next film at the party as well. Here is all the info for the Premiere:
When: November 8th, 2007
Time: 7:00pm to whenever, have fun and enjoy yourselves
Where: Come meet and Greet the Cast and Crew, listen to a live music performance as well as see the film "Betrayed Heart" at:
The Toad Tavern
5302 South Federal Circle
Littleton, CO 80123
I look forward to meeting all who can attend and I'm very excited for this event. Thank you all for your time and support of Heart and Fire Productions.
Never give up and never stop believing
Jimmy Lee Combs- Heart and Fire Productions
Writer, Director, Producer, Actor
Thanks everyone and have a great night!


October 10th, 2007

Hello everyone,

So I'm finally done... whew lol It's been a long road but I think it will all pay off. The movie is 40 mins and will be rated R for Violence and Language. I'm also releasing it as a Two disc set. Disc 1 will be the movie itself and Disc 2 will be the movie with Audio Commentary, Behind the Scenes Footage, Deleted Scenes & Outtakes.

The only thing I noticed when I rendered the movie out onto DVD was that the movie played and sounded very very nice on my HDTV but when I tried on a tube TV, the sound was kinda low at a couple parts in the beginning and at the street fight scene, it could be my tube TV cause it is older than the hills and twice as dusty. So if you experience any issues with your DVD's please let me know and I will do my best to fix it and resend ya a copy =)
Also, I added Heather Wiggin's song, "Real Live Angel", to the Soundtrack page. It's a beautiful song and I hope you enjoy listening to it.
Thank you everyone involved. I can't wait to shoot my next flick, I'm currently writing the script and will be updating the website with more info on it.
Jimmy Lee- Heart and Fire Productions
Writer, Director, Producer, Actor



October 5th, 2007

I'm very excited to announce that Country singer Heather Wiggins, a very talented young lady out of Cashville, Tennessee and her Co-Writer Chad Mitchell will be providing the opening song called "Real Live Angel" for my film, Betrayed Heart, from her album "Heather Wiggins". Please stop by her Myspace and show her some luv www.myspace.com/heatherwiggins. The lyrics are truly beautiful and capture the essence of what these two characters are about in the beginning.  Take care everyone and thanks.

Jimmy Lee- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


October 3rd, 2007

Oh my god, exciting news. I was able to get the license for a song that fits perfectly with one of my scenes. The band is called Etro Anime and the song is called "Let it Go" from their album "See The Sound" I fell in love with this band about three years ago when I heard a song they did called "Danger" for an amazing RPG video game called Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga, I love this game. Etro Anime has very unique music, its like R&B meets Jazz meets Techno, it is excellent music. Please check out their Myspace page and drop them some luv: www.myspace.com/etroanime. Also you can buy their CD at: http://www.amazon.com/See-Sound-Etro-Anime/dp/B00008CQOZ/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-5258837-2984940?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1191642980&sr=8-1 Take care everyone.

September 29th, 2007

Hello all,

I just added a bad ass song that will be featured in the film to the Soundtrack page to the left. The song is called "Aint NO Sunshine" performed by Hypnautic feat Apostasy please check out his site at www.myspace.com/hypnautictr I will also be featuring another song of his called "God gave me a reason" in the film. Take care everyone and the movie is almost finished =)


Jimmy Lee- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


September 24th, 2007

I added a Ruff Cut clip from my film Betrayed Heart, the character I play, Travis Stone, is gearing up for a street fight. A very special thanks to Hypnautic and Apostasy for their bad ass version of Aint NO Sunshine. Take care all.


September 22nd, 2007

I have just finished the Ruff Cut of Betrayed Heart, which means the film is in the order I want it from start to finish and I am so damn pleased =) At this point, I have to clean it up, add in the sound effects, soundtrack (which is killer so far) etc. The only thing I might have to do which I was trying to avoid at all costs, is some ADR. I want to thank you all again for your hard work, you all came together to make this film awesome and I greatly appreciate it. I will keep you updated when I have the final version of Betrayed Heart ready to go at which point I will have a premiere party. I'm actually thinking about having two parties, a Ruff Cut party to see the movie now in kinda raw form and then the official party which I want to try to go all out for and hope you all can attend. Also, I'm gonna start shooting my next film in about a month or two which I'm very ciked for. Take care.

Jimmy Lee- Heart and Fire Productions
Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


September 16, 2007

I'm very excited and honored to announce that the very talented Hypnautic will be providing some of his songs including "God gave me a reason" Hypnautic feat Robin for my film, Betrayed Heart, from his album Hypnautic: "God gave me a reason". Please stop by his Myspace and show him some luv www.myspace.com/Hypnautictr. If you would like to buy his Album, you can do so by going to the following link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr  Take care everyone and thanks.

Jimmy Lee- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


September, 13 2007

I just updated the Betrayed Heart link to the left with a little bit more info and a background to the story under Synopsis. Please continue to check back often as well, as I will have more and more updates. Take care everyone.

Jimmy Lee- Heart and Fire Productions

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


September 11th, 2007

I'm excited to announce that RiverSeed has partnered with Heart and Fire Productions on my film, Betrayed Heart, and they have provided the awesome song in the trailer, "SoulKnot", which will also be featured in the film from their Album: "Situations Rising" coming Spring 08. If you have a chance please drop by their websites and give them some mad props at : www.myspace.com/riverseedband and www.riverseedband.com. I'm so excited for this film and can't wait to finish editing and seeing the final film =)

P.S. As of right now, you can view the Betrayed Heart trailer at www.myspace.com/heartandfireproductions I will have it up on this site soon. Take Care.


September 8th, 2007

Hello everyone,

Here's the score as far as editing goes, I have fallen in love with editing, it is very time consuming and tedious at times but loads and loads of fun. However, I did have a minor set back, I was using a shitty version of the editing program which caused my files to corrupt, so now I have to start over, not to worry though, it will be easy for me to catch up. I do apologize for the delay. I'm so excited to finish editing, so I can start on my second film. At this point I want to give myself another two to three weeks on editing and polishing Betrayed Heart, especially since I'm gonna enter it into Festivals and show it to investors who will hopefully put money into and I can do the feature length which would be ultra exciting. Also, I will have a  30 sec. trailer to BH up and going soon. Take care!

P.S. If you have time, please sign my Guestbook. Thanks all!


September 7th, 2007

Here it is ladies and gentlemen... the first Heart and Fire Productions logo. It is a work in progress but very similar to what I will be using to represent my company with. You can check out the logo on the Myspace site as well www.myspace.com/heartandfireproductions ... I will also have an alternate logo as well posted soon on the site.



September 3rd, 2007

Editing is coming along nicely, I'm learning the editing program as I go and I'm estimating to be finshed in about two weeks. Also, please check out my Myspace Film page at www.myspace.com/heartandfireproductions.  


Hello and welcome to Heart and Fire Productions!


August 28th, 2007

I'm currently upgrading my comptuer so I can make Editing easier and faster, I'm so happy with the footage and can't wait to get everybody involved their finished copies. Thanks all.