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In Honor of my Grandpa

In honor of my Grandpa, James Wesley Combs, I am dedicating this part of my website in honor of his memory. You will find pictures, poems and memoires among many other things that will honor my Grandpa who fought bravely for this country back in WWII. Stay tuned for more updates.

Grandpa my Hero

Here is a poem I wrote and read for my Grandpa at his funeral that was held on August 4th, 2008:  


          "Grandpa my Hero"

        By: James Clyde Combs

Grandpa not only where you a war hero, you are my hero.

I never realized how much I really admired and looked up to you,

until our final hours where sadly to conclude.


You where brought into this world with a bang and lived it with

spunk, stubbornness and love and you fought bravely for our country

with honor, pride and might, you left this world with a peaceful fight.


I grew up with you, oh how the years fly by

but I remember when I was little standing to your knee,

whenever I got in trouble, to you I would flee.


I will never forget our talks about the women in Paris or your times

in Jolly Ol England, for our conversations I will always have

an eternal appreciation.


There is so much I admire about you, especially how you stopped

years of heavily drinking and smokin, if only more people had

your devotion.


Even though you are gone, I know you will be watching over

and guiding me, whenever I am sad or down I know I can look up

to heaven and smile happily.


I am filled with honor, dignity and pride to be named after such

an amazing man, I will continue to make you and the family proud

with all my heart can.


Now that your not here, who’s gonna be the one to tie my ties when

I have a special occasion or hot date, I guess their comes a time when every

man must breakaway and carry his own weight.


I miss seeing you sit outside, every time I walked by you always had something

to say or a nice compliment to pay, when I think of you I know it’s gonna

be a beautiful day.


I miss your nicknames that you gave me, when I went to Karate you called

me the Karate Kid, when I dressed like a gangster I was Al Capone,

in our final hours I stayed by your side and I made sure you

where not going out of this world alone.


You will be sorely missed and forever loved, you will live on through stories

told and your spirit remains with us all as you watch from above. I miss

and love you dearly but it is a comfort to know the pearly gates are open

and god is holding you sincerely.


In my mind engraved with flowers, is our final hours. I love you Grandpa.