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I  am excited to be working with a very talented group of actors on my upcoming film. Here is the complete Cast and Crew for Daughter's Pain, Father's Guilt:


Thomas Wright: Keith Wright

Joan Wright: Ashley Henkle (Head shot below)

Kelly Wright: Melissa Huff

Young Kelly: Stauzya Rafferty

Frank Johnson: Brandon Carrillo

Rick Raimi: Dave Mann

Counselor: Catherine McGuire (Headshot below)

Therapy patient 1- Clyde Combs

Therapy Patient 2- Victor Carrillo

Hypnautic- Himself

Sexy Legs Girl- Natalie Naiman


Writer, Director, Producer- Jimmy Lee Combs

Director of Photography and Editor- Jimmy Lee Combs

Assistant Director- Heather McFadden

Trailers and Clips

Official Trailer # 1

Offical Trailer # 2

Rough Cut Opening of the Film

As a little treat, I wanted to share with you all a Ruff Cut of the opening of the film. I hope you all like it and it is still a work in progress, their is a couple missing scenes that I will add as I finish editing the movie. A very special thanks to The Toad Tavern for letting me film at their bar and a big shout out to my boy Hypanutic for letting me film his awesome performance at The Toad Tavern. Also, please be warned that their is some strong language in this film, mainly during the opening of the film.