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Here is a Ruff Cut scene from the film. It is a flash back scene and will under go some color corrections for a flash back vibe as well as formated to the correct 16:9 aspect ratio.

Behind the Scenes

Thursday April 23rd, 2009

Here is a cool compositing shot produced by our DP Thomas Tamura. It is two scenes from the movie, the Car Accident Scene and a really cool under the blankets shot of Lee and Ann conversing. Please note that their is no sound. Enjoy.

Production Photos

Here are pictures taken by our Production Photographer, Lindsey Harris, from the set of Blind Without a Love http://cmd.shutterfly.com/commands/pictures/slideshow?site=blindwithoutalove&page=blindwithoutalove&album=23 or if you would like to see them individually you can click here http://blindwithoutalove.shutterfly.com/ 



Audrey Walters- Ann

Kevin Ryan- The Mystical Guitar Player

Jimmy Lee Combs- Lee


Jimmy Lee Combs- Writer, Director, Producer, Editor and Actor http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3179858/

Lindsey Harris- Production Assistant and Script Superviser

Thomas Tamura- Director of Photography www.TamuraVideo.com

Marie Sokol -Production Assistant and Boom Operator


I have started writing the script to my next film currently titled "Blind Without a Love" that I will be filming in the coming months. Here is a brief synopsis of the film:

"One day out of the blue, Lee wasn't expecting to loose the love of his life in a fatal motorcycle/car accident that left his love, Ann, dead and himself blind when pieces of glass strike his eyes. Down on his luck, feeling guilty and loosing his faith, Lee runs into a mysterious mystic guitar player, who takes Lee under his wing and guides him to recovery through the beauty of guitar. Lee, is skeptical, doubtful and bitter at first due to his lose of sight and the lose of his love but Lee comes around and realizes the healing power of music. Little does Lee know, the mystic guitar player, holds more than meets the eye."

The film will have a very spiritual and mystical feel/theme to it and will revolve around loosing a loved one and how hard it is for one to cope with the lose. I will be playing the character of Lee since in all actuality I am this character. The theme of lose comes from my ex fiance running out on me, so I know how it feels to lose a special someone you love deeply and believe is the only one for you, I will be putting all that and more into the story and characters along with a lot of symbolism. I am so excited for this film, that I have been loosing sleep every night since the idea was conceived.  I am so excited for this film, that I have been loosing sleep every night since the idea was conceived.