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Never give up, never stop believing!


Betrayed Heart is a true story based on my real life past relationship with my Ex Fiancee, pretty much 95% of what you will see in the film took place. I will never forget the first time I pulled up to her apartment complex, I was waiting so nervously for her to come down from her apt and meet me. When I saw her standing before me with her smile so bright, her warm loving heart and her wings spread open, I knew God had sent me an angel. Then I gazed into her deep green eyes greener than all the grass in Ireland and my heart got lost in them. We went to the local Village Inn, shared hot chocolate and talked the night away about life, family, relationships, our passion for music especially 80's, our dreams and so much more... we both knew we had found our soul mates... eachother. Ever since that night, her and I where madly in love and never left eachothers side... she was my Adrian and I was her Rocky, she was my Allie and I was her Noah from the Notebook. Then months later, the worst day of my life struck me like a lighting bolt to the heart when I finally got her to come clean that she was cheating on me with her loser dead beat ex boyfriend who weaseled his way back into her life and she fell for it, shattering my heart in the process and destroying her and I's beautiful and special relationship that was right out of a romance novel. Weeks went on after our nasty break up and I could not live without her, my heart just kept aching in pain and wanted her back so bad. So I decided to e-mail her and convince her I was the man of her dreams... it worked and we got back together for a second time, she promised me I would be the only man in her life and that she would leave her ex behind for good cause she relized how special her and I's relationships was. My heart was refilled with passion and love again, I was so happy and content to have my angel back, things where just like they used to be and I could not be more happier. The happiest day of my life came when I got down on one knee at our special lake and I proposed to her, she said yes and made me the happiest man on Gods green earth. She was so excited to have her ring, that she could not wait to get my gold band. So by total surprise on Easter Morning she gave me an Easter basket of goodies and a plastic Egg inside, I opened the Egg and found the gold band she bought me. My face lit up like Times Square. Sure we broke tradition by her giving me my ring before the wedding, but we where madly in love and didn't care especially since we already felt like we where married and knew we where ment for eachother. Then tragedy struck again when she just could not let go of her past and things ultimately did not work out in the end between her and I, she started acting distant again and I stopped trusting her. I wanted to hang in their and work things out but She took the coward way out and ran out on me leaving me to come home from work to an empty bedroom, my heart became empty again too. I truly hope you the audience after viewing my film realize how important it is to cherish the ones you love and to never let that good catch go because believe me, true love is hard to find. To realize how important trust and honesty is in a relationship and that it is key to a healthy lasting one. When that trust is broken, the outcome can be devastating and heart breaking. I also hope that you get out of this film, that no matter how bad life brings you down, try not to let yourself fall apart because you might not like who you become and it can scare you. Always try to pull yourself together and keep moving forward. God never closes one door without opening another. I hope my film inspires, helps, entertains and is a film every one can relate too in one way or another. Thank you for your time and support of Heart and Fire Productions and my film Betrayed Heart. God Bless.

Never give up and never stop believing
Jimmy Lee Combs- Heart and Fire Productions
Writer, Director, Producer, Actor


Coming out of a nasty relationship, Travis Stone (Jimmy Lee Combs), an old fashioned philosophical, stand up Martial Artist meets the woman of his dreams off the internet, Lily Ann (Lauren von Engeln), a woman with a heart of gold and has everything in common with Travis. It is love at first sight for these two. Believing in fate and destiny, they both fall head over heels in love with each other after their first date. However, things take a turn for the worse.... Love. Betrayal. Redemption. When life has got you down, sometimes you have to fight back.

Cast and Crew


Jimmy Lee Combs- Travis Stone

Lauren Von Engeln- Lilly Ann

Brandon Carrillo-Challenger ( Brandon was featured in the award winning shortfilm Spin, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0479164/)

Ty Haynes- Jake

Bill Mays- Host

Debra Pitcher- Nancy

David W. Kincannon II- Fight Promoter

Special thanks to all the dedicated and awesome extras:

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Written, Directed, Produced and Edited- Jimmy Lee Combs

Director of Photography- Ken Maskrey

Boom Op- Bill Mays

Productions Assitants:

Bill Mays

Marissa Joye Peden

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Special Thanks

I would like to personally thank all these people for their support of this film:

-My Mom, Dad and Family for all their love and support

-Scott & Melissa Spero with Hooked on Colfax

-RiverSeed for their awesome song "SoulKnot" (www.myspace.com/riverseedband)

-City of Boulder

-Kings Soopers

-Chipolte for their killer burritos

-Tom's Tavern in Boulder

-Valerie, her son Troy and her family and friends for their wonderful support and hospitality up in Colorado Springs.

-Dragon Man's Park, Colorado Springs

-Patrick W. for all his hardwork and dedication to the film

-My Brother Brandon Carrillo and his girlfriend Natie Naiman, for letting us use their apartment for filming and keeping the baby up late lol.

-Also, I want to thank my Brother Brandon, for letting me kick the shit out of him... he kicked the shit out of me too hehe.

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