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Quotes So I totally just stumbled across this website, as I am starting a production company myself, and I have to say that this website is AWESOME! Its literally on fire and either my laptop is overheating or I can feel the heat. Street cop Jack Slade is classic and if this film is already finished shoot me a link so I can check it out. Thanks! 15-Nov-10 Quotes
Dustin Garbaciak

Quotes It was a pleasure to work with you on the 48 Hour Film Project. I couldn't have done what you did Jimmy Lee. I'm so proud of you and I hope we get to work together again real soon. 21-Aug-12 Quotes
Irene Leonard

Quotes Thanks for the opportunity to work on the 48 hr Film project. 21-Aug-12 Quotes
Scott Foshag

Quotes Jimmy- Fantastic job on the 48 hour film fest. You cranked out a great story, Used your whole crew- (there were many), shot successfully in 8 different locations in a few short hours and produced a great film. I loved the process and would love to be on your next one. Kudos- Bro! 21-Aug-12 Quotes

Quotes Jimmy was the director for me during the 48 hour film festival. He could not have been any more prepared. The instant he got our criteria he wrote up a script and next day we were filming. All locations were planned out ahead and the entire shoot was smooth. Normally on sets where everyone's running low on sleep tensions can be high but thanks to him and his crews light atmosphere the jokes were running as long as the camera's worked. Jimmy is a true professional and he has reshaped my definition of a good director since working with him. 21-Aug-12 Quotes
James Russell

Quotes Jimmy has a cool way about him. I composed the music for Beautiful Scar and the last 2 hours of any 48 hour project is going to be intense, but Jimmy was very calm and collected. Great to work with. 22-Aug-12 -Jeffrey Quotes
Jeffrey Peterson