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Films Playing During Guilt Premiere Party

Posted by heartandfireproductions on February 5, 2013 at 2:45 AM

Title: Aquaphobia

Description: This poetic piece deals with l'appel du videand ego-death as represented by the lure of the deep.

Written by:

Directed by: David Quakenbush

Run time: 3:22

Title: The Barking Horse

Description: The Barking Horse is a three minute film about a dog named Horse. People have called it inspiring, awesome, confusing, brilliant, moving, and beautiful. You decide.

Written by: Patrick Sheridan

Directed by: Patrick Sheridan

Run time: 2:57

Title: Beautiful Scar

Description: Heart and Fire Productions in association with JHP Films entered it's first year in the 48 Hour Film Project http://www.48hourfilm.com/ and what an amazing experience it was. We drew the romance genre which I was personally excited for since I'm a huge fan of romance movies and books with of course a big inspiration of mine being Nicholas Sparks. Our film premiered at the Gothic Theater on August 12, 2012.

Written by: Jimmy Lee Combs   

Directed by: Jimmy Lee Combs

Run time: 8:27


Title: Guilt

Description: Guilt tells the story of a man distracted by his wife while driving. As a result, he accidentaly kills a pedestrian who is struck by his car. The man self destructs from the burden of his guilt and his wife leaves him, sending him over the edge. The harsh truth is sometimes we can never forgive ourselves for something we've done.

Written by: Jimmy Lee Combs

Directed by: Jimmy Lee Combs

Run time: 7:00

Title: Sleight of Hand


Written by: Cougar Littlefield


Directed by: Cougar Littlefield   

Run time: 7:37

Title: Spirit Unforgiving


Written by: Calen Smith, David Large & Zach Smith

Directed by: David Large & Zach Smith

Run time: 23:26

Title: The Storage Unit


Written by: Patrick Sheridan

Directed by: Christine McQuillen

Run time: 5:57

Title: The Things We Own Tell Stories

Description: This one-minute short was my entry for 2011 Hint Fiction Film Contest. The challenge: take a given 25-word-or-less story and produce a one-minute-or-less short film that tells that story, incorporates it, comments upon it, etc. The film has to contain the story as given, but otherwise the filmmaker is given room to play.

Written by: Nelson Goforth

Directed by: Nelson Goforth

Run time: 1:21

Title: Twombley


Written by: Zach L. Eastman

Directed by: Zach L. Eastman

Run time: 14:31

Title: Web of Lies

Description: It's 1946, and star-crossed lovers run afoul of her mobster boyfriend, his shady past, and a cop with a secret. "Web of Lies" is a short film noir in a traditional style, written by Kathryn Gould and directed by Kathryn Gould and Nelson Goforth.

Written by: Kathryn Gould

Directed by: Kathryn Gould & Nelson Goforth

Run time: 10:12

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