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I'm excited to announce that I am in Pre-Production for my next 40 min. film which will be a Drama entitled "A Parent's Fear." The script is finished and I am very eager to start filming. Whereas my first film, "Betrayed Heart," has a moral of the importance of Trust and Honesty in a relationship and pulling yourself up when life has got ya down, "A Parent's Fear," will have a moral and message of the importance of keeping an eye on your children, because all it can take is a brief moment and your child can be kidnapped. As was the case with John Walsh's (America's Most Wanted Host) son. My heart really goes out to him and his family and what they went through back in the 80's when their son was kidnapped and sadly murdered. My heart also goes out to all the missing children that are reported missing every day. 


Jack Slade, a strong willed family man Denver Police Detective, is sent on a cat & mouse game through Denver to get his 5yr old kidnapped son back. The napper is Derian Ronan, former Denver Criminal whose Brother, Gary Ronan, was shot dead by Jack. Now Derian has come out of hiding, wanting his revenge, he kidnaps Jack's son, Ethan, at a department store right underneath Ethan's mother's nose. Now Jack must face his worst fear as a Parent and get his son back at all costs while holding himself and his wife together.
"It's every parents fear. Some must face it. How far will you go."
"A Parent's Fear"
Written, Directed and Produced by Jimmy Lee Combs



Detective Jack Slade- Jimmy Lee Combs

Gloria Slade- Rachael Weinstein   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2773495/

Ethan Slade- Jackson White

Derian Ronan- Jarod Norelius

Gary Ronan- Keith Wright

Captain Bill McDonald- David Mann

Detective- Bill Mays

Cuervo Banderas- Brandon Carrillo  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2027205/

Pimp- Studio Mike

Hypnautic- Himself

Hostage- Ashley Henkle

Doctor- Richard Burmood


Female Officer- Debra Pitch

Security Guard- Wade Dienert

Officer 1-


Written, Directed and Produced- Jimmy Lee Combs

Director of Photography- Daniel Plym    www.3hirdeye.com

Make Up Artist- Sarah Gotschall

Production Assistants:

Bill Mays

Richard Burwood